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Benefiting Charities and Organizations

On The Move

On The Move partners with communities and mobilizes emerged leaders to take action in pursuit of social equity. On The Move has implemented programs and initiatives that develop the next generations of community leaders who reflect the diversity of the communities in which they live and work. In partnership with local communities, On the Move has explored innovative approaches to closing the achievement gap for children of color, transforming outcomes for former foster youth, promoting health and wellness across communities, and building strong, engaged families. They have successfully implemented contracts with school systems, county governments, and state departments, successfully securing public funding as well as working in partnership with multiple foundations to design and administer cutting edge programming. Programs they provide, On the Verge, Voices, Neighborhood Initiative, LGBTQ Connection, Innovation Community Center, Napa County Recovery Center, La Plaza.

The Boys and Girls Club of Napa

Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley.jpeg

The Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley is committed to their mission: "To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens." They fulfill this mission by providing a safe and positive place for youth aged 6-18 after school, during holiday breaks, and throughout the summer, with a focus on academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

EASE of Sacramento

EASE LOGO with background.png

EASE is the acronym for Educating All Students with Excellence. Many high-potential students are not given a fair chance at success without the necessary tools and support that are required to reach their goals. This is due to the design of the academic system and, to a greater extent, the odds of life. EASE plays a lead role in bridging that gap by empowering students with access to a high-level education, offering full support and assistance, while providing a foundation that stabilizes their pillars of success. Their focus is on the needs of brilliant and talented young minds who may have been given an unfair start in life. Goal is to eliminate any environmental factors that would stunt their growth and development. A partnership is developed with parents and guardians to get a re-routed academic road map offered to students.

PAL Fairfield

Pal Logo.png

PAL impacts youth racially and ethnically from diverse and underserved communities from predominately low-income households. Using traditional recreational programing as a gateway to engage teens in programming and activities that support the development of social and emotional skills required to develop a positive self- identity and grow to become fully functioning adults. Approach the participation of these activities is associated with autonomy and identity development, positive social relationships, learning conflict resolution, academic success, mental health, civic engagement, and physical health. Impacts is increased positive value, feelings of safety in physical environment, feelings of psychological safety in environment and positive believe about own future.

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