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A Message From Our President

Bill Hammond


Over the course of the last 30 years, I have produced entertainment events around the world, many of these have been tied to a philanthropic mission. When COVID struck in 2020, it obviously changed everyone's world and priorities and made us all re-evaluate and adjust how we operated in our everyday lives. We were forced to count our blessings and truly focus on finding our purpose. Live events, the “bread and butter” of Hammond Entertainment, was essentially a dormant business.

In January 2021, after ten months of essentially no live events, I was contacted by one of my biggest clients, Kaiser Permanente, for whom I had produced several large-scale community and entertainment events. Kaiser Permanente had the ambitious goal of putting together a mass vaccination site in Solano County and needed logistical expertise to pull it off. They believed that Hammond Entertainment could marry our event production, operations, and logistical expertise with their care delivery to save lives in a severely at-risk community impacted by the COVID pandemic. I was both honored and humbled to enter a partnership with them, and I am proud to say that as of January 27, 2022 we have surpassed 165,000 vaccinations in Solano County, with an additional 25,000 at pop-up vaccine sites in Napa Valley.

This career pivot was by far the biggest challenge of my career and easily the most life changing for me personally and professionally. It is against this backdrop and with a newly found sense of corporate purpose that I have decided to launch the HAMMOND BLESSED 25th 501(C)(3).

Hammond Blessed 25th launched with our inaugural project, the Napa Live Experience in June of 2022 supporting our benefitting charities: The Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley, On the Move, EASE Sacramento, and PAL Fairfield. I am humbled to announce that we are approaching our 3rd Annual Napa Live Experience on June 30-July 1, 2024. This event is a full weekend experience and golf classic to be hosted at the Meritage Resort and Spa and the Silverado Resort and Golf Club in Napa Valley.


Bill Hammond

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